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ALIPA can be engaged on a yearly retainer so that our clients have continuous legal support and services. We always endeavor to ensure that our most suitable Partner, supported by one associate is dedicated for every retained client during the entire year. Our Legal retainer services can be availed by sending us your scope of work and in due courses we shall inform you about our professional fees. The Key benefit of Legal Retainer service is cost-effectiveness because our client will pay a lump sum amount irrespective of the number of legal queries answered, whereas for individual legal opinion or reply to legal notice or for reviewing legal documents, court cases, trademark, copyright and patent registration and ancillary matters, which are beyond the scope of Retainer Service will be charged by the hour and/or pre-mutually determined fee.

Relevant Professionals


Muhammad Abeed Atif

Founder & Managing Partner.

Mr. Abeed is in the law practice industry for the past many years and is the Head of Corporate, Commercial & Intellectual Property...

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Ms. Khadija Ijaz

Managing Partner.

Ms. Khadija Ijaz is also an experienced Intellectual Property & Corporate lawyer. She is the Joint Head of Corporate...

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Muhammad Ijaz Rahim

Senior Partner | Mentor.

Mr. Rahim is in law practice for last 30 years and is one of the most valuable assets of the firm. He has vast experience of practically...

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