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ALIPA acknowledges that designs are a powerful and all-prevasive legal rights. ALIPA has a highly skilled and experienced team actively engaged in filing and prosecution of all sorts of Designs including aesthetic, 2-D, 3-D, functional and commerical designs. Moreover, the team at ALIPA has the commercial awareness to understand each clients need and deliver excellent results.

Our Design Services

  • The procurement of patent and design protection
  • Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
  • Acquisition & Divestiture of Patent and Design rights
  • Corporate Structure Changes relating to Patent and Design rights
  • GCC Patent filings and prosecution
  • Infringements and Enforcement actions and other litigation relating to Patent and Design rights
  • Investigation & Watch Services
  • Licensing of Patent and Design Rights
  • Patent and Design searches
  • Design and Patent filings & prosecution

Relevant Professionals


Muhammad Abeed Atif

Founder & Managing Partner.

Mr. Abeed is in the law practice industry for the past many years and is the Head of Corporate, Commercial & Intellectual Property...

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Ms. Khadija Ijaz

Managing Partner.

Ms. Khadija Ijaz is also an experienced Intellectual Property & Corporate lawyer. She is the Joint Head of Corporate...

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Muhammad Ijaz Rahim

Senior Partner | Mentor.

Mr. Rahim is in law practice for last 30 years and is one of the most valuable assets of the firm. He has vast experience of practically...

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More Areas

30 Years of Experience in Various Cases

0+ Years

Experience amongst the Partners of the firm in various cases.

0K+ Trademarks

Trademark filings amongst the Partners.

0K+ Copyright

Copyright, Design and Patent filings amongst the Partners.

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Countries Served.

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